Our Products

Elevating performance through lubrication.

Cost Savings

With high-performance synthetic lubricants, longer maintenance intervals and reduced lubricant consumption will also bring down your operating cost.

Improved Reliability

Mechanical components located in remote or hazardous areas pose a special challenge to reliable lubrication. Right amount of lubricant is dispensed at the right intervals.

Safety At Work

Avoid risk of fires and explosion by using the right lubricant for your application. Our PFPE greases bring maximum safety in processes using oxygen.

Expert Consulting

Our experts offer you measurable added value through our comprehensive services and expertise from over 90 years of experience.

Sustainable Operation

Reduce your footprints on the environment by using biodegradable lubricants in your applications that represent a high risk of spill or contamination to soils and waters.

Increased Equipment Reliability

Our high-performance synthetic lubricants allow continuous service and extended drain intervals. Maximise your productivity by using our products.

Services that we provide.

100% Responsive

Optimal lubrication schedules for lower lubricant consumption.

Powerful Features

The potential to make significant cost and energy savings.

Customer Support

Extended maintenance intervals and predictable system downtimes.